Shower Knob stiff (now broken) - can it be fixed?

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  1. Philomorph

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    I'm a plumbing newbie, so forgive if it's an easy question, but I have a shower that's probably about 12 years old. Since I've been in this house (about 3 years) it's been stiff and gotten worse over time. Finally it got so bad that the acrylic handle cracked.

    I'd like to pull out the guts and replace them without having to pull out the whole shower/tub unit. The faucet is a Price Pfister. Here are photos:

    I went to Home Depot but didn't find a replacement knob that looked like it would fit, and I'm not sure of what to get for the guts. Can anyone help?

    FYI - The numbers on the knob are highlighted so you can read them :) The scale on the measurement is US inches on left and millimeters on right.
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  2. Terry

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  3. hj

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    It is a Price Pfister handle, but don't replace it until you fix the tightness, which means you have to replace that black stem in the faucet.
  4. Philomorph

    Philomorph New Member

    Thanks for the info guys!

    I saw replacement cartridges at the Depot, but wasn't sure if it's the same thing. Can I replace that without getting into the wall?
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