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  2. Terry

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    Normally the White plate is even with the finished wall on a Kohler tub/shower valve.

    You will want to make sure that the valve is supported well before the backing goes up. Otherwise when the plate is installed, it can pull on the valve
  3. jimbo

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    From the photo, it looks like the valve is also a little cockeyed.
  4. jcheech

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    Thanks all. That picture doesn't do me much justice. I took it before I installed the straps. I was concerned about the depth of the shower and wanted some advice before I tied it up nice and square. Now that I know it's Ok for it to be flush with the finish wall, Ill install the straps and square it up.
  5. hj

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    Whether it is correct or not depends on the thickness of the tile and the space inside the trim ring, if any. If the valve is tilting because it is not secured, it will go back further into the wall once you anchor it so the face is vertical.
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