Short-length toilets for small spaces?

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    I have to replace 2 old toilets in a rowhouse in Boston. I wanted to get Caroma dual-flush, because they've been super in the other bathrooms, but the space is too small. The current ones are pretty much butting into the sinks as it is, and they're only about 26" long.

    Any recommendations for a toilet that only sticks out from the back wall 26" or less? Or any shorter-than-normal length? Can't use Sealand because there isn't space for a vacuum/tank.

    Looking for a low-flow, fast-flush, quiet one. Prefer round seats over elongated. Can't tell if the rough is 10 or 12".

    So far the only one I've found is Toto Drake, any smaller ones?

    Thanks for any suggestions,

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  2. Terry

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    If you measure from the wall to the first set of bolts, that should be close to the center of your drain. That's your "rough-in".

    It's hard to find anything shorter than 26.5 long without going to an in-wall wallhung bowl.
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    We recently installed an American Standard Cadet with a 10" rough-in in a very small, newly remodeled guest bath, because its protrusion into the room was one of the lowest we could find. The front of the bowl measures only 25 1/2" from the wall. It doesn't have a great MaP rating, but we haven't had any problems with it so far.

    We considered the 10" rough-in Niagara "flapperless" toilet, which has a very good MaP rating and I think measures 26" from the wall, but it is only available in white, which my wife did not want.

  4. Quinn

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    Kohler Rialto - lenth 25 1/4"

    I saw one on the internet - it's the Kohler Rialto One Piece.

    It a 12" toilet (12" rough in) length is 25 1/4". The model number is K-3386.
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