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  1. bwr0827

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    South Carolina
    I need to install a 1200' service line from the meter for a new home that we are building. Not much, if any, change in elevation in that distance. I have several questions and would appreciate any advice. Thanks!
    1) Size and type of pipe? I have installed plenty of PEX inside homes but have never done a service line. 3/4", 1", or larger to reduce friction loss? Obviously don't want to spend more for larger pipe for little or no benefit. I don't anticipate rocky soil, but would the cost for smooth gravel, sand, or sleeving be worthwhile to protect the pipe underground?
    2) Utility has offered a 5/8" meter. Is there any benefit to requesting a 1" meter? I think that would only help with volume, not pressure?
    3) Should I install disconnects every few hundred feet to help locate and repair any future leaks?
  2. DougB

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  3. Terry

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    Water pipe sizing

    The link is just a partial chart, and I can't see you using less than 1.5", and maybe 2.0" would be better.

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  4. hj

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    I might consider 1 1/2" polyethylene because it comes in 500' rolls.
  5. jadnashua

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    New England
    Friction is your enemy here...larger is better.
  6. craigpump

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    I think Oli Creek makes 2" in 1000' rolls, yep it's gonna be a pain to work with. I would someone who does geo thermal work to fuse on transitions that go from the poly to pipe thread, especially in the trench.
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