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  1. NormR

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    We've been looking for a replacement for a 12 in rough, 13 ltr and would prefer a Toto, the Drake seems to have the bowl footprint almost against the baseboard and this is not OK with cleaning. Drake 11 with cyclone has the features we would like except for the footprint, the Vespin 11 seems similar to the Drake exept for the Uni Fit, which seems to be a complicated drain system and which plumbers want a premium to install. Are there any others, models or brands that might work for us? We have limited space in front of the toilet so shorter is better, must be about 161/2 high.
    We looked at a Kohler K 3497 with Class 5 but extra rim holes, can't find any working ones to see, does it work any better than the old Class 5? Buying toilets used to be so easy.
    Thanks Norm

    28-7/8" from wall to end of bowl for K-3497 round front.
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  2. jadnashua

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    The Drake would likely have about an inch behind it based on the spec sheet drawing and approximating the gap, depending on the size and shape of any baseboard. You could always go with a 10" rough-in, which would stick out an extra 2" if that space is really important to you, but you'd lose it in front as it would stick out an extra 2". There should be enough room to stick a duster behind, but not much else.
  3. NormR

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    Thanks Jim Unfortunatly we don't have the luxury of that 2 inches
    Drake and others of the same design leave only about half inch space and that won't work for my wife.
    We've had Totos, Daltons before but guess we'll have to change brands, to our sorrow.
    Toto has a very limited number of high, 161/2 round toilets, I wonder why. The elongated ones seem so uncomfortable.
  4. Terry

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    I installed a one-piece Kohler Memoirs the other day for a customer. I was very disappointed with it.
    I think you should install a Kohler Class five or six, and then you will know what I mean.

    Why would elongated bother you. Do you perch on the end of the bowl, instead of sitting back?
    Men can't fit on a round at all. Now that's uncomfortable.
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  5. hj

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    Round front ADA compliant toilets are rare because they are usually used in commercial situations and that calls for an elongated bowl.
  6. BobL43

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    You mean like the original Waldorf Astoria hotel in NYC? It had no ballroom;)
  7. Gary Swart

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    Norm, it seems to me you are looking for an ideal toilet for less-than-ideal conditions. You are going to have to determine what features you want the most and make some choices that only you and yours can make.
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