replaced my wells pump ,Franklin control and Pumptec boxes yesterday. pics incl.

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  1. Timbuktu

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    Jun 20, 2012
    PalmSprings SCal
    This single unit replaced the pumptec and the Franklin control box.
    other recommendations have been made by members,but this is all they had or would sell and in an emergency type job completion.
    here are some pics of the aparattus.
    Now I see the issue with choosing the 1/2 hp 230 volt motor. it runs longer,like a member said it would. Ive monitered it twice only and got 2 widley different readings .
    it took my 1.5 hp pump 16 minutes to haul up about 256 gal
    The 1/2 hp only pulls up 180+gal in 30 minutes.
    So,less water and twice the electricity use approx ,it appears.
    Another time it took 3 times longer.
    I realize one or two runs are not really enough to be sure of accuracy,so Ill give it a few more.
    My low producer well peaks in return gallons at 4 hr and averages vary about 250 gal which is a well production of about 1.1 gal per minute to as low as .78 gpm at 187 gal
    The production varies within the same week.No other wells nearby in mountains terrain. Closest is 1/4 mile and no others.

    Can any of you good enough in calculating the difference in the energy (elect) use between a 1.5 HP Gould deep sub pump and the one I have now
    Goulds (5sb05412cl) 1/2 hp 1/60/230 3w 12 stg 4" sub
    To my suprise,the booklet has no further info,but he is going to send me in the mail more info as I wasnt quick enough to remember to read the new pump befor it was installed.
    i guess unttil I have more info on this and certainly on the old pump , you may not be able to calculate the usage differences,right?
    if you need a closer view of the innards in the last pic let me know.

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  2. Timbuktu

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    Jun 20, 2012
    PalmSprings SCal
    calculating the energy use differences in 1.5 and 0.5 hp sub pump

    I just noticed in my RV's generator booklet it states the generac will:
    1-run a 1.5 HP sub at 2800watts(per hr i assume)= 47 watts perminute wpm x 16 min= 752 w used in 16 min

    2-run a 1/2 hp sub at 1500 wph "........................=25 wpm x 30 min = 750 watts used in 30 min

    My old pump is #1 and my new is #3

    With the run times Ive given ,they work out the same in KWH used.
    So is this an accurate estimate and how its done?
    If they are near enough the same what are you getting with the 1.5 hp motor you dont get with the .5 hp one?
    1. faster discharge rate
    2.more robust innrds? anything else?
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  4. Texas Wellman

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    Feb 9, 2010
    Owner of a Water Well and Pump Repair Business
    SE Texas-Coastal
    Assuming electricity costs for you are $.09 per KWH (I know it costs more in CA but I created a chart for my area), it costs $1.54 to run a 1/2 HP pump 24 hours a day and $3.59 to run a 1.5 HP pump 24 hours a day.

    1/2 HP = 715 watts
    1.5 HP = 1660 watts
    watts vary based on many factors, the most important of which is flow (GPM).
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  5. Timbuktu

    Timbuktu Member

    Jun 20, 2012
    PalmSprings SCal
    Thats cheap for running a pump 24 hours a day,
    Are you running a pump irrigating crops to run it continuous like that?

    My electric rates are as follows:
    My winter rates still apply,(and its 95 to 105 degrees)
    The first 664 kwh are .13 cents per kwh (aka 13. cents)
    the next 200 kwh are .16 cents kwh
    the next 150 kwh are .27 per kwh
    Summer rates should fart soon but i dunno what they are yet. Cant wait!

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