replace or keep old shower pan ?

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  1. dotkayk

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    so, the 1987 shower walls were tile over drywall.. mildew, mould, and other fun.

    I have the walls down to the studs and starting to rebuild. The old shower pan looks to the naked eye to be fine, no cracks or significant wear. Should I replace this as long as I'm in there ? or would it be safe to leave the old one ?
    I'm nervous about my ability to install a new pan without getting creaking or cracking down the road somewhere..
    tia, Doug
  2. jadnashua

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    New England
    If it looks good, no cracks, crazing, or discoloration, and cleans up nice, keep it. Otherwise, trash it. Nearly 25-years old, it doesn't owe you anything. The key to creating a solid shower pan/receptor is to put stuff underneath it like deckmud, or something similar so that it is 100%, or close, supported underneath. Or, build a tileable pan.
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