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    We have noticed what appears to be small pieces of plastic-like dirt floating in the water dispensed through our refrigerator door. Not sure if the ice in the ice-maker is also contaminated, needless to say we no longer drink this water and for now we are leaving without ice – major problem come summer. I have disconnected the water line from the back of the refrigerator and verified that the dirt is not coming from the water source. Aside from buying a new refrigerator what can we do? Is there a way to flush and clean the piping inside the unit? Is there an in-unit filter that can/needs to be replaced? We have flushed water for long periods of time but the dirt keeps on coming. This is a Kenmore model # 106.9557913. Any ideas or help will be appreciated.
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    Can you remove the pipeing from the back and flush into a bucket until the line becomes clear?

    And if that is now clear, can you run the water through the line in the fridge until that is clear?

    There should be no reason for particles being in the fridge.
    Newer ones come with built-in filters and older ones can use the in-line water filters
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    Thanks but I guess what I'm really after is to know how can one flush the lines. The way its set the copper water feed attaches to something they call a "solenoid valve". Two plastic lines go out, one goes to a plastic reservoir inside the refrigeration side which somehow gets to the freezer side where the water is dispensed through the door and the other goes straight up into the ice maker. If I could remove the reservoir and clean it out I would but as far as I can tell is not something that you can unscrew and then reattach...I'm at my wits end on this one.
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    The white specs may be mineral deposits. When you freeze stuff, some of the minerals are concentrated into the last bit that finally freezes. While not great looking, they may be harmless.

    I would try just running water for awhile through it, dump all of the ice, and take a look at the trays - they may also be covered with mineral deposits. If you can get the water clear from the cold water line, by running it, it should be okay.

    There is nothing in the frig that should produce white specs. Good luck. If the tap water is clear, a filter won't help, although a filter may help remove chemical taste (and/or sediment depending on type), an in-line one on the frig won't make any difference.
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    You have to check the icecubes for the "stuff". If it is also in the ice cubes then the problem is in the water line to the refrigerator. If it is just in the water faucet, then running about 5 gallons of water from the water faucet would remove all the old water from the system.
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