Proflex PVC couplings or PVC slip couplings for under slab (in the dirt) wye tie in.

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  1. Pete Horton

    Pete Horton New Member

    everyone says Proflex PVC to PVC shielded couplings are the way to go for under slab wye tie in for a new basement bathroom..but i keep reading they are not rated for direct dirt contact, as they will be under at least 12 inches of dirt with a 4" concrete top poured back over them. Why doesn't a guy use PVC slip couplings to connect? and are the Proflex (or similar type) rated for concealment in dirt?

    Designed for resistance to heavy earth loads and shear forces, and provides improved pipe alignment.Proflex allows you to make transition pipe connections that are resistant to shear forces, while creating a rigid, long-lasting pipe joint. From 1 ½" to 8" - PROFLEX connects cast iron, plastic, steel, copper and tubular, drain waste and vent systems.


    • Gasket Material: Neoprene
    • Gasket ID: Part No. and application on each gasket.
    • Shield Assembly Material Requirements: All 300 Series S.S.
    • Clamp
      • Band = 301 Stainless Steel .025 x .500 x Length
      • Housing = 301 Stainless Steel - Fernco
      • Screw = 305 Stainless Steel 5/16" Hex - No Slot
    • Shield - 301 Stainless Steel .012 x 2.125 x Length
    • Eyelet - 305 Stainless Steel
    • Installation Torque = 60" lbs.
    • Maximum test pressure: 4.3 PSI (29.6KPA)
    • Maximum operating temperature: 180° F
    • Conforms to the requirement of ASTM C1460
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  2. Terry

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    Bothell, Washington
    They are made with stainless steel. We've always used them underground.
  3. Pete Horton

    Pete Horton New Member

    thanks terry. I called Fernco based on "we have always used them" statements from many experts not just you. 20 Years in the army has taught me that is not always a good statement, and usually leads to the truth. Fernco stated they do not recommend their Proflex series for direct burial, if you choose to use them for this they do not stand by the product. They do for their RC series strong back flexible couplings..rated at 50 PSI and direct burial. Now if i could just get you to come bust up my basement floor and install the bathroom. but then id have to hire out the framing, drywall, drop ceilings, cement back fill, stamped concrete touch up where cut out. ext...but with this coupling i can get started. Not wanting to use a gas saw with water in my finished im going to get a dry blade with my skill saw and have the wife hold the shop vac hose to collect the dust..yes 4" metal just fiber reinforced.
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  4. hj

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    The make electric concrete saws, but if you want to use a SkilSaw to cut through 4" of concrete, you need at least a 12" blade and several days of sawing. If ProFlex, and other stainless steel banded couplings could not be used in direct contact with the earth, the plumbing business would come to a standstill on the first installation. The problem with "slip couplings" is that you CANNOT work fast enough to install them on a 3" or larger pipe, (it is almost impossible to do it on most smaller sizes also). Once you "screw up" with one there is NO WAY to undo it without just cutting the pipe apart and starting over.
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