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    I purchased and installed a Toto Ultramax hoping for the end of all woe ... alas but it is not clog-proof. Very good, but let's just say that the MAP test should use example extrusions somewhat larger than 3/4" x 4" if they want real world results.

    So my question is, what plunger is available that actually works with Toto geometry? My old standby helper is a round rubber plunger, but the Toto has a somewhat rectangular hole and it is virtually impossible to get enough of a seal to plunge effectively. Is there a brand/model that works?

    Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. Terry

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    Bothell, Washington
    Any standard plunger should work that has the end that comes down to about 2" round.

    Leaving a little water in the bowl to provide a seal, set the plunger down in the hole.
    Using "very" short and "quick" strokes, try to get the water vibrating.
    When the water is vibrating, pull the plunger up a bit.
    When done right, the water will suck out of the bowl, when the plunger is lifted up.

    Other methods can include pouring a bucket of water into the bowl to get the siphon started.
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