Please help...INAX Clessence Toilet Seat Bidet doesn't fit..

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by ghymes, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. ghymes

    ghymes New Member

    I purchased a new INAX Clessance CW-H230-US Bidet toilet seat for installation on my exhisting toilet and it doesn't fit. :(

    I can deal with installing a new toilet since Ryan Homes installed a very cheap "Crane" toilet in my new home.

    The problem is, I have a 10.5" rough-in and I can't find any toilet with that rough-in that will fit this seat.

    I need dimenions of the following:
    10.5" rough-in
    18.5" or more from the tank to the inside rim
    18.1" or more from the seat holes to the front edge of the bowl.

    It seems that any toilet that is 10.5" rough-in is teeny-tiny.

    Can anyone please help me find a toilet to match these dimensions? Or should I try installing an elongated toilet so the bowl is longer?

    Thank you very much in advance!
  2. what exactly did you buy??

    what is so special about this seat that you would change

    out the whole toilet for???? I guess it is some sort of

    special bidet seat add on with some sort of high tech "butt washing"

    abilities...or some special fart fan technology???

    I have seen something like what I think you have

    bought down at Lowes....>> Is this what you got yourself into??

    It looks like something that would be on the space shuttle....

    If it is , just take it back and get a refund... I would not put one in

    and warranty it myself, its nothing but trouble.

    They dont give you your

    money back if it has been "used" and you are dissatisfied.
  3. ghymes

    ghymes New Member

    I can't do without

    You are quite correct and funny about what this toilet seat does!

    The fact is I just spent 3 months in Tokyo, Japan and they have these seats everywhere, including the office and hotel bathrooms. I found that they simply make me feel better and cleaner. I think that is what I miss most about that wonderful country!

    It isn't too fancy, it's just a bidet for woman and cleans the "back" as well.

    -2 nozzles for Feminine and Family Cleaning
    -Adjustable Water Pressure/Water Temp
    -Dryer/Seat Temperature Adjust
    -Soft Open/Close
    -Self Diagnosis Device

    When I built my house, I had them place electrical next to the toilet anticipating this seat one day. I didn't think about checking on their poor measurments and installing an 10" rough in when they didn't really need to save space.
  4. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Bothell, Washington
    Your plumber may have moved the flange to miss a floor joist.

    You will need an elongated bowl for the bidet seat.
    There are several bowls that will work with a 10" rough.
    Most toilets use a thinner tank to make up the difference. You will need to check the specs to make sure there is enough room between the seat bolts and the tank with these.
    You may be able to change out the existing bowl with the elongated bowl.

    If not, some that would work would be
    Toto Vespin with the 10" unifit adapter, (this allows the toilet to set out from the wall enough) I have been able to use any bidet seat with these, including the Clessance

    Bidet seats are very reliable and are here to stay.
    I have been selling them for years.

    Bidet seats for sale!
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  5. self diagnosis??

    This "self diagnosis"

    what does it do , check you for hemmoriods?? LOL

    I suppose the Jappaneese read a paper while it blow drys their bottom.

    Useing one of these in a public restroom does not sound

    very appealing to me.....

    possibly maybe in my own home it would feel

    more "clean" to me...

    getting someone to service your speical seat might be a tad

    bit hard to find....

    I have heard that in many other countries

    they dont feel clean untill they have jumped

    on the Bidet for a "power scrub""

    I didnt realize you can also get a blow dry too

    modern technology is wonderful.


    Most people that come here from europe think we are

    "uncivilized" by just useing toilet paper only ..

    they feel we are all a bunch of dirty bu........

    whatever you get used to and whatever works I guess

    to make you feel all clean and fluffey..

    good luck,, have fun
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  6. jimbo

    jimbo Plumber

    San Diego
    Well, apparently no one serves a communty with a large middle eastern population. Otherwise you would be installing the Saria Shataff about one a day:

    By the way, I am referring to San Diego, not Bagdhad!
  7. that looks like trouble

    never seen a bidet sprayer like that before...

    It looks like a glorified kitchen sprayer to me.....

    nothing more...looking at the specs, it makes me wonder

    I cant immagine something with a vinyl hose like this being

    under pressure to that spray handle 24hrs continousely.

    their has to be a shut off to that sprayer better than having to

    reach down behind the toilet.

    just wondering
  8. PEW

    PEW DIY Senior Member

    Don't knock them if you have not used them.

    Cannot comment on the Inax, but have a Toto washlet and would not want to be without it.
  9. ghymes

    ghymes New Member

    Thanks Terry

    Thank you so much Terry...I will take a look at the Toto Vespin. I envisioned the elongated bowl working with this "round" bidet, because it doesn't seem to round to me. I will buy my NEXT bidet for the guest room from your link!



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