'Nuther S-Trap Dilemma

Discussion in 'Canadian Plumbing Code Questions' started by Triumph TT, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. Triumph TT

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    I just finished dry fitting our his/her sink plumbing in the master bath. A friend "apprentice" plumber chimed in to say it is no good. I know S-Traps are no-no's but properly vented may pass inspection??? The vent also picks up the shower and tub under the floor.

    Am I good to glue or not? Thanks in advance for the expertise.

  2. Terry

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    That is totally wrong.

    The vent for the lavs will come off above the trap arm, not below.
    The revent is at 42" above the floor. You can't run a dry vent below the flood level of the fixtures being served.
    The trap goes into a vertical santee, with the vent out the top, reventing at 42" above the floor.

    Now I need to rest my eyes. It hurt looking at that. :)
  3. hj

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    quote; S-Traps are no-no's but properly vented may pass inspection??

    There is NO WAY to 'properly vent" an "S" trap, which is why they are forbidden.
  4. mikeplummer

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    that's an eye-sore...nothing proper about it - Terry - you should use some of these pics and start a "how not to do plumbing" or write a book!:D
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