Nov 11th - Veteran 's Day

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  1. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    To all the Vets, thanks for serving and all the sacrifices.
  2. sixlashes

    sixlashes Plumber in Previous Life

    Pensacola. FL
    It is definitely a calling. I enjoyed it every day I put on my uniform.

    I have always been mindful that the vetrans' families are the unsung heros. They are the ones stuck at home keeping things going with Mom or Dad gone. Add my appreciation with yours for the families of our service men and women.

    The best memories I have of my militay career are coming home from deployments. Since I was a maintenance superintendent on heavy aircraft, I usually flew on my squadron's aircraft. After a long deployment in a hostile and/or an economicly depressed area, flying back over the U.S. never failed to hit me emotionally. To look down at this wonderful country after you have so sorely missed it, it is so beautiful. Yes, we have our issues and problems sometimes. But it is undeniable that our nation is the best thing going compared to the rest of the world. We have our worries, but trust me; they are very small compared to what a huge section of the world's population deals with.

    I am proud to be an American!:D
  3. D'Brie

    D'Brie Apprentice Plumber

    NW Washington State
    +1. I am honored to be an American. :)
  4. allystone7

    allystone7 New Member

    Good! Hope I can visit USA one day!:)

    By the way, I do stone business, there will be a large chance to go there to attend the stone fair in Chicago!
  5. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Bothell, Washington
    Here is a letter my father sent to my mother

    Fort Benning, Georgia
    Infantry School
    November 2, 1942

    Dear Pamela,
    Just a line a bedtime. The squad room has only 6 of us at home this evening which is a large number considering pay day week. Twenty five of us live up here now, the rest of them are out tanking up. Some of the six that are here now would be out except for minor ailments such as poison oak, boils and such.
    One would normally expect to find an army of courageous men in a place like this. We have some good men in the army.
    In making an army that will fight it is necessary to build courage into the men. Courage is not always a born trait as some may believe. The essence of courage in a fighting man is competence in his profession, the knowledge of his weapons and seasoned ability to use them. The confidence gives the final outward manifestation of courage. To be good as a fighter a man must really know his stuff. If a man is merely bluffing he is apt to break down when the shellfire cracks his veneer.
    When a man is regarded in civilian life as a fighter, it usually means that he is competent at fighting other men. That is the definition Hitler places on the "fighting" man. He says a man must fight.
    The theory we hold to says that a man must fight also, but he doesn't have to fight other men. He can fight disease, nature, flood, fire, and famine. This kind of fighting is the real thing. It is the kind of fighting engineers do when working out a mighty project. That is the American philosophy of democracy. Often men are called sissies because they lack the physical vigor to engage in human contests, but they may be the most proficient fighters of all were the facts known.
    It is this silent kind of fighting that a man has to do in a competitive world to supply the need for his family. It is the kind of fighting I like to do the best. The opponent is sometimes intangible and has the odds in his favor, but that is the way life is set up.
    I have a lot to fight for, the finest family any man ever had, an understanding with my wife that makes life really worth living. Carrying on research while attending the Infantry School has the effect of giving us a private fight on two fronts--one military and one economic. Your letters of cheer and assurance, darling, are wonderful morale builders. You will probably never know all that goes on in the mind of a man when he receives a cheering letter from loved ones at home, but the part you play in my happiness is beyond measure. Keep up the good work, sweetheart.
    Goodnite my love,

    More letters

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  6. Cookie

    Cookie .

    I know that love your dad and mother had, I had the same with my husband. I hope to find again in my life time, but won't hold my breath.

    Your dad sounded remarkable, and your mom, I had already said to you, is absolutely, an amazing woman. And, quite beautiful.

    Those are wonderful letters and I am very surprised not censored. I have my dad's to his mother, and they censored the heck out of them. He also, served in France. He was hurt in Anzio, it was there, he lost his hearing and became, " shell-shocked."

    With your dad's mention of Hitler, it makes it all so real doesn't it?
    What sorrowful times.

    Your dad was so tall, how tall was he? Mine was 5 foot 1.
  7. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Bothell, Washington
    6' 1-5/8"
    That's how it listed it, not 6'2", 6'1-5/8"

    It wasn't until I was 40 that I finally became the same height.
    I was 3/4" shorter than that for twenty years, and then added 3/4" in two months. And then my shoe size became the same as his too.
    Very strange.

    It was nice to see the two of them together,
    They would meet for lunch, and the waitresses would ask if they were married. They still had it for each other after 45 years.
    Cookie, there is still time. It can happen.
  8. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    The man who wrote this letter died a few days later...sometimes we forget the men who went before...long before...

    This is the Youtube link to the story...

    Sullivan Ballou's Letter to his Wife

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  9. Cookie

    Cookie .

    Neat letter Cass. I am a Civil War buff. Really, anything with the history of wars, I am a weird girl, I used to watch Combat growing up, starring Vic Morrow. Anyone else remember those? But, of course that was a thing I did with my dad. He would sit there and tell me about WW2, and how they did the road to Rome. I remember pretty much every story of my dad's, and as I got older I wrote them down with him one day, over breakfast with him, of eggs & coffee. He died one week later. Fate? I never begged anyone for anything, but when I found out daddy was sick I begged him not to die. So, he died, and I dealt with it, like I deal with everything that comes down the pike in my life.

    I am a survivor and boy, do I ever hate that word. Yet, aren't we all survivor's in one sense or another just by living, by breathing in & out? Like that bumper stick from what the 70's, which says, " Shit happens." I had one of those at one time, along with hippie beads and a tie-dyed blouse, and fringed boots.

    But, we all aren't hero's. That is reserved for those who put their life on the line for another's.

    Nah, it won't happen again, Terry, you meet the love of your life but once. I am satisfied with that. That is more than some people get in life with love. We used to have lunch at Bob Evans and we sat next to each other all our married life. Like we were joined at the hip, but it really was our hearts. I could never decide if I liked him more or loved him more. And, he wasn't perfect, he was far from it. He was just perfect for me. He made me laugh.

    How funny you grew taller, when most shrink when getting older. ;)
  10. Redwood

    Redwood Master Plumber

    I used to work on these... Before I crosstrained and went into plumbing...
    We called them Aardvarks...
    When you see the head on shots you'll understand why...
    If there is an MO, LN, UH, or, CC, on the tail I probably worked on it.


    Here is a video a kid made for his father that was a Wizzo (Navigator/Weapons System Operator WSO) on one.

    Here is one that is laser designating a target in Iraq after dropping a laser guided bomb.

    The USAF has retired their fleet to the boneyard and the RAAF is still flying their's. Here is an Austrailian video. it's a good clip with both in the cockpit and outside views...
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