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    On the basis of your review and other comments on line, we just got a Toto Dartmouth ADA and had it professionally installed and are disappointed. It seems to be a sort of measly flush, but maybe we haven't given it a full chance yet??? In our other bathroom we have a Gerber powerflush (old style--loud but never fails), so maybe we're just used to the power flush. We called the tech support at Toto and the person sounded like he was just reading instructions for a 2year old about how to flush a toilet and that you need to hold the "activator" for one full second. I've tried that but it still isn't impressive.

    Is it just so quiet and modest but effective or is this not typical?
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    Compared to a pressure assisted flush it certainly will seem weaker but it should be effective. It is possible that the installer botched the installation and the discharge of the toilet is blocked by either a wax ring that is out of place, or, they used a wax ring with a blck plastic horn and it does have interference from the way the outlet horn of the toilet and the flange fit together. I have seen these plastic horns pinched closed from this interference.

    I'm not there to see it so I can't tell if it is a normal or, weak flush. Use it and see how it performs. If you get clogs then you will know something is wrong... If it clogs look at the mounting for problems! I can tell you with reasonable certainty that it is not a toilet defect. I have installed many Toto toilets and still have "0" defects and "0" callbacks on them. I'm not saying they are perfect, nothing ever is, but they are so damn close...:D
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    I'll give it a chance and I'll ask the plumber about the kind of ring he used.
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    You should at least use the toilet.

    The fact that it's quieter than a pressure assist doesn't really say much about it.
    Ten years ago, there were local showrooms that had the Toto Ultramax and the Gerber Ultraflush side by side for comparison.
    Yes, the Gerber was gawd awful noisy. And when you stood near it and flushed, your legs would get wet from the spray, Nice, toilet water on your legs.

    The Toto was much quieter, so if you did the Gawd Awful Noise comparison, well, I guess the Gerber wins that one hands down.

    However, they are rated equally for moving waste, it's just that the Toto does it with much less fuss. They found a way to flush that moves the product down the line, without waking up the household.
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    I've had a Dartmouth ADA for about 6 months. It is quiet and effective. Only rarely is there any streaking, and when it does happen, it is quite simple to brush it. It has never ever clogged, and I have yet to need to hold the handle up to get that extra water out. I did it a couple of times just for trial, but it's never been needed. I think the water spot is great especially considering the relatively small amount of water in the bowl. In short, it is everything a toilet should be. I have never seen the need for a power assisted flush.
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