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  1. mjd190

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    We are starting a major renovation and will be replacing the toilets in two bathrooms. I am leaning towards a toto toilet (a one piece design) because they have good reviews, but still have a few questions. Since I am the one cleaning the bathrooms, the things I look for are maybe a little different from a plumber's. Who wants to clean around all the curves on most of the exposed trapways on new toilets (this was mentioned on another thread-apart from the fact that they look ugly). We looked at the toto carlyle which is skirted but it only comes with an elongated bowl. My concern with the elongated bowl is that on most of the ones that I have used in other places, I have to flush several times to remove a bowel movement from the bowl. The steepness of the bowl walls would affect this, and the toto bowls do look better in the store, but I would like some input from others who have them.
    The other issue is that we live in an area with warm humid summers, but do not have air conditioning. The toilets we have now drip in the summer with condensation and I would like to reduce this. What is the best toilet for this situation.
    Any input appreciated
  2. Terry

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    There is no difference between elongated and round in performance.

    Since the tank holds more water then is used, sweating is not an issue.
    Skirted bowls to look at include the
  3. Furd

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    I bought the Carlyle for the same reason, the others are ugly and I wanted a one-piece toilet for ease of cleaning.

    It does not require multiple flushes to clear the bowl of solid waste and it is quite easy to keep clean.
  4. Gary Swart

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    If the toilet will be use by women only, the round will be OK, but for male use, the elongated is far superior. If you need more details, contact Dr. Ruth.:D
  5. SteveW

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    Omaha, NE
    The Soiree and Guinevere both employ Toto's "double cyclone" flushing system, which has great bowl wash.

    I have a Soiree in my house and would highly recommend it.
  6. Mikey

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    My experience with women & toilets, limited though it is, suggests just the opposite...
  7. Terry

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    Bothell, Washington
    If you have the room, elongated is always better.
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