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  1. SteveW

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    Just went to the local hardware store for some compression fittings, and noticed that Watts is selling a line of braided stainless steel toilet, faucet, icemaker and washing machine supply lines they call "FloodSafe." They have a metering valve on the supply end of the hose which automatically shuts off the water flow if it exceeds a certain preset limit. Neat video on the Watts website which shows someone cutting one of those lines with a bolt cutter -- the water flows for maybe a half second before the valve cuts off the flow.

    The toilet supply lines were about a buck more expensive than the conventional SS braided lines.

    Seems like a pretty good idea.
  2. I'm going to wait a considerable time before I consider the use of these. For one they pass through a restriction which can clog and lead to a callback on my end.

    Also, when high pressure is evident in the home these devices will shut off. The customer may get really upset with the plumber if he/she is "lining the pockets" so to speak by installing supply lines that do not work in a normal fashion like all the others have before these new ones.

    Let us know of the outcome of yours; the guys at home cheapo say they wish they didn't sell them because people are returning them.

    Some people no matter what you explain to them will not address high pressure in their homes. They like those hard jetting showers even though they make shower heads that can do this with less water.
  3. SteveW

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    Omaha, NE
    I wondered what the catch was -- sounded too good to be true.

    I haven't tried them yet but next time I replace a toilet fill valve, I may just give it a try -- but will keep a conventional braided line handy just in case.
  4. If you have normal pressure in your home with the correct GPM flow coming through the aerator......I can see it working.

    If you look at the end where it connects to the supply cannot see through it. I know that given with the water department consistently working on the mains/extending them that those supply lines in my area would clog and force a callback against a regular supply line.

    That is basically pitching my profit margin on that job out the window....the customer wandering what my motive is.

    Let us know if you experience any problems when you use one. Hopefully you don't but every situation has its own circumstances.
  5. hj

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    1. Do not turn the water on to the faucet too quickly or the supply line will interpret that as a leak and close off.
    2. If the supply line does shut off, you have to turn off the valve and then loosen the supply line from the valve to bleed off the pressure keeping the safety unit closed.
  6. Terry

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    Update, June 18 2008
    Sometimes the floodsafe will shut off, and the supply will need to be removed to "reset" it.
    There have been some instances where the connection has failed before the safety shutoff portion, causing water damage.
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  7. Cass

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    I don't care for them. Regular braded stainless should work fine. I guess they make them because the hoses will degrade and burst 15 years from now or the quality control is going down and they want to give you another line of safety. :)
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