New "Quattro Flushing Technology" vs. Toto

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by CandaceRB, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. CandaceRB

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    Well here I was all set to get a Toto toilet, when I decided to get a St. Thomas Creations pedestal sink. St. Thomas Creations has a matching toilet to this sink, and it has highlighted the new Quattro Flushing Technology, which they market as the "most advanced flushing system on the market today". This technology was released in May 2005. I really would prefer the styles to match and get the St. Thomas toilet, as Toto are all basically modern looking, but I'd choose performance over style if anyone knows if the Quattro is all hype or not. Does anyone know how these are rated, or have experience with them? I'd appreciate any info as my contractor is patiently waiting for me to actually start buying things!


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  2. Terry

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    MS756204SF - Mercerâ„¢ Toilet

    I know this one looks old, I put one in a very old home in Seattle.

    Oh yeah, you asked about Quattro Flushing.
    Well..........All the toilets are the best, no matter who makes them, right?
    Every web site I go to says, "Best".

    I would say that certain types of flush toilets are close in performance.
    Time will tell.
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  3. jimbo

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    I never have seen an ad that says : "Our toilet flushes so-so" or "We are rated LAST by consumer reports" !!!!
  4. Terry

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    Plumbers are also "best".

    I only saw one average plumber, or so he said.

    He wasn't, not even close to average.

    You always want to hire best,

    then they will at least be average.
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