Need a low-seated, 10" rough-in toilet

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by alt, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. alt

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    My husband and I have just purchased a home, and we have a complicated problem in the basement bathroom which requires us to find a new toilet.

    For reasons I won't bore you with, the toilet rests on a platform which sits 2" above the level of the floor. This is not something that can be changed (believe me, we checked :)), so we need work with it. The sellers installed a toilet with a bowl height of 16" or 16.5", making the overall bowl height 18" - 19" high. My husband and I are both shorter than average, and this is really uncomfortable for us.

    Also, the rough-in space is only 10". We are having a hard time finding a toilet that has both a 10" rough-in, and a short bowl height. I have found some of the more expensive toilets with these options, but this is our first home and we are on a very limited budget. We like a simple, clean-lined style.

    I would really appreciate any help you can give!

    Thank You!
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  2. Terry

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    Bothell, Washington

    There are plenty of choices in standard height 10" toilets.

    Cadet 3 with 10" tank
    Gerber Ultraflush with 10" tank
    Toto Vespin with 10" Unifit adapter
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  3. HoneySuckle

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    The 10" rough-in answer was helpful to me!! Thanks. Hope you find your answer.
  4. hj

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    Besides many conventional height 10" toilets being available, (a 10" handicap height would usually be the one that is difficult to find), you might consider making the platform a bit larger in front of the toilet. It must already look odd, so a little bit more shouldn't be any worse.
  5. alt

    alt New Member

    I did think about doing that, but the bathroom is SO small, there just isn't room in the front to make it any bigger. Glad to know we're thinking along the same lines though!

    Thanks for the input Terry. I will look into those. I don't suppose any of them are less than $200.00? (We're on a really limited budget)
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