My toilet tank has gas

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    Does anyone have experience of any other brands whose float mechanisms work in a Kohlers properly?

    I purchased a kohler toilet 10 yrs ago and the parts in the tank are in their golden years now it seems.
    The problem is the float mech mechanism is passing gas.
    When the water fills the tank and just before it automatically shuts off ,it makes a squealing noise,off and on. Kinda like air squeezing out of an orifice.

    I tried adjusting the float rod height,but that didnt stop the noise completely.

    Next ,I shimmed it with a scrap aluminum piece folded so it will apply some up /down pressure on the float rod arm and hot glued it. (SEE Pics)
    That seems to have solved the problem.......for now at least.

    Home depot doesnt seem to have a tank float assy to fit my kohler.
    A few months back,I wasted time any money buying some universal flapper replacement at HomeDepot that leaked too.
    I finally ordered one from kohler and it worked fine. i think it was at least $20 incl SH
    i know ...."when one part fails the rest are right behind.

    Ordering them all would have incurred only one SH chg.

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  2. Terry

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    A Fluidmaster 400A would work for that, and it's parts.
  3. jadnashua

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    Note, you run the risk of an improper flush and siphoning the tank unless you attach the rubber hose above the top of the overflow tube. All new installations come with a clip to hold the end up in the proper position. If Fluidmaster seals will fit that, it's about a 30-second fix and a couple of dollars part available almost anywhere they have plumbing stuff.
  4. hj

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    That toilet can use a "generic" fill valve and flapper. Fluidmaster 400Q and a "Korky" flapper. The Universal one that did not work must have been defective. But, as the "As seen on TV ads say, 'Buy a second one and just pay the additional S&H'". As an aside, no matter how much "pressure' you put on the "float lever" it does NOT change the operation of the valve because all the lever does is operate a "valve" inside the cap and THAT turns the valve on and off.
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    Looking at your photo, I don't see any reason why the Korky 528 fill valve (THIS ONE) couldn't also fit in there; it's easier to install. However, the recommended Fluidmaster 400A is a favorite of many plumbers and, once installed, is pretty reliable. (The 400A is what you currently have in that tank, except with a Kohler logo on it.) Terry has in the past seemed to like the Korky 528; not sure if there's a reason he didn't recommend it here, other than maybe that the 400A is a buck cheaper at HD because it's made in Mexico whereas the Korky 528 is Made in Wisconsin.

    Do make sure to "daylight" the refill hose above the lip of the overflow riser. The way you have it now (stuck IN the overflow riser) comes pretty close to being a siphon-inducer, which may make the fill valve run ever-so-slowly and make a funny noise.

    One thing you don't want to assume is that anything but "Kohler" parts won't work properly in your toilet. That was an expensive misconception regarding the flapper...according to HJ's advice above, THIS ONE should have worked perfectly. It would have been exactly the flapper that many plumbers (including mine) would have installed in your toilet.

    With the type of toilet you have, the porcelain is set to accept basically any kind of "trim" in the tank (hence, "generic"). You can replace the flush valve with a universal Korky one if it ever cracks, you can use that Korky flapper, and you can use any kind of device that fills the water to a given level, provided that it fits within the contours of the tank. The size of the holes in the porcelain (2" flush valve hole and standard fill valve hole) is a standard one on this toilet. So...Korky, Fluidmaster, whatever, the fill valve should work fine. (One piece of advice, don't get one that is entirely immersed in the water; they are not to Code and can cause siphoning of tank water back into your house water system. Other than that, any old fill valve should do, although you might as well install one of the two most popular ones, as mentioned above.)
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