Moving tub drain (through joist)

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  1. hans_idle

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    Princeton Junction, NJ
    I see quite a few posts here on the forum about moving a tub drain. I've attached 2 pictures of how my tub drain looks as of right now. As you can see, the home builder hacked a hole in the joist for the tub drain piping and the waste line. Looks a little messy to me. Both pictures are of the same drain, one with the tub removed and the other with the tub still in.

    I need to relocate the drain to approximately where the red circle is. I'm looking for different options. I see a couple of options, but wanted to see what everyone else thought.

    1) Remove the trap, attach a 90 degree elbow to the black waste line, run it 1ft to the left, reattach the trap, and then the tub drain would cut back across the joist. In this case, I'd have to notch the joist, but it would only be for the tub drain, not BOTH the drain and the waste line. Also, the tub drain would be perfectly perpendicular to the joist, not at an angle. So the cut in the joist would be small. And is a 90 degree elbow allowed in a waste line?

    2) As someone suggested elsewhere, frame the area like a window or attic-stairs with a double header on either side of the drain area and then remove the joist all together. I could use a combination of 45 degree elbows to get the waste line and drain in place.

    Any other options? I'm also exploring just re-positioning the tub altogether, but I have a feeling that it will be the same problem, just one joist over.

    Thanks for the help.


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  2. Terry

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    You will want to relocate the p-trap under the tub waste and overflow again. You should be able to 90 el over toward it.
    It does look pretty chopped up.
  3. frenchie

    frenchie Jack of all trades

    It's hacked up, allright.

    Is that an extra, doubled-up joist, alongside, that I see in the overhead view, or...?
  4. hans_idle

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    Princeton Junction, NJ
    Yes, it's a double-up joist next to the 2x12. Honestly, it looks like they took a regular 2x12 and karate-chopped it in half the long way to make 2 2x6s, then sistered the 2x12 joist with it. I can't figure what the heck they used to cut the doubled-up boards because they looks so rough. It certainly looks like it wasn't a saw.

    I've been studying the layout, and I'm actually going to try moving the tub so that the whole assembly fits without having to cross the joist. Then I'll sister the joist properly with another 2x12 in the cavity.
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