Moving Into a Well Fed House

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    Hello All,
    I am getting ready to move into a home in a few weeks that I just had tested for inorganic. I am still working on getting a bacterial test done through the local Health Department. This house has nothing in terms of a pressure tank and/or filtering. I am currently in KY and the house is in NC, so any info I have I have been collaborating with an in-law down there to get. I will be heading down on the weekend of the forth and will hopefully be able to gather the actual flow rate from the well along with motor size etc.

    I am looking for help on what equipment to get to filter/ soften the water. There are two bathrooms total, and a sink in the kitchen, all on the first floor of the house which is approx 50 to 60 ft from the well. I am looking for low maintenance equipment. Any Guidance and/or help would be greatly appreciated.

    Well depth is 215 ft.
    Level is around 150 when full.
    Casings size 6â€
    No pump info except it is submersible.
    I was told GPM is 1 ( I am thinking this is in terms of well recovery rate.)
    Inorganic Test results:
    All measurements are in mg/L ; sample was taken at the well.
    Arsenic .022
    Barium <.1
    Cadmium <.001
    Calcium 140
    Chloride 210
    Chromium <.01
    Copper <.05
    Fluoride .37
    Iron .99
    Lead <.005
    Magnesium 22
    Manganese .94
    PH 7.4
    Selenium <.005
    Silver <.05
    Sodium .73
    Sulfate 10.00
    Total Alkalinity 296
    Total Hardness 440
    Zinc 1.10

    I was contemplating going ahead and shocking the system while I am down there, but I will probably be re-doing all the plumbing anyway which leads me to waiting until then.
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  3. Shoe6674

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    North Carolina
    Thank You Valveman, I will also post in the softener forum. Thanks Again!
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