Moen ioDigital Shower piping questions

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  1. Mustangous

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    Hey All,
    Just Registered, but been long time reader of this site and this site has helped me tremendously over the years! Thanks all! Searching has got all my questions answered till now. Long story short, we just raised the roof on our ranch house and added 4 bedrooms, master bath, 2nd bath and a small laundry room.

    The question I have is with the master bath shower piping. We are doing a smaller sized steam shower that measures 66"x36". I have the moen io digital controller with the 4 outputs and wish they had 6. This is how i was thinking of setting up the outputs and I am DEFINITLY open for suggestions.
    Output 1: Rain Shower (grohe F20)
    Output 2: (2) shower Heads
    Output 3: (4) body sprays, (2) on either wll (grohe F5)
    Output 4: hand shower just to help wash and clean the shower.

    Reason for the 2 shower heads is because the wife wanted to be able to take showers at the same time and using the same water temp is ok with us.

    Anyway, Im attaching a picture of the piping layout I was thinking and just want to make sure that the body sprays and 2 shower heads are correct. master_layout.jpg

    Or do i have to send a balancing loop back from each fixture like I have in the next picture?


  2. Terry

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    Bothell, Washington
    I would not plumb like the second picture.
    In fact, it's debatable that you need to loop as much as you have on the first picture. That's how their instructions are though.
  3. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona
    The second installation is ridiculous. The first one has some extra piping but nothing outrageous. if I were doing it, depending on the construction, I might run the piping low in the walls to eliminate "nuisance" dripping after the valve is closed.
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  4. Mustangous

    Mustangous New Member

    Great, thank you for your response!
    Did not think of that! Great suggestion!
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