Merging Pipes?

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    Okay.. so I recently bought one of the bidet toilet seats... yes yes.. I know most are junk but I like bidets and I figured it was worth a try... now.. here is my issue... I didn't opt for a 300$ self-warming water one so I am wondering how to get the water to a decent temp (non-freezing in winter & non-boiling in summer) at the actual unit... I have a cold water line at the actual toilet and there is a hot water line close by... I was wondering if there was any way to merge the two? Any other ideas? I don't want to put a two handle adjustment for water temp.. it's ugly and not very functional... also I thought about getting a point of use water heater... but that's a waste of electricity, costs like 200, plus I already have a hot water line pretty close anyways... help?

  2. Terry

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    It sure would have been simpler to get the bidet seat that plugged in.
    You can install those bad boys in about 15 minutes.

    If you mix the hot and cold, you will need to run enough water through until the hot gets hot, wait, isn't that a big waste of water?

    Well, you could run a hot water line over there, and then attach a mixing valve, maybe like a tempering valve.
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    Even if you installed a tempering valve to mix hot and cold, it is still likely it would end up being cold since the hot line would have cooled off in between uses. A self-contained system with it's own heater is likely the only solution.

    A hot-water recirculation system still probably wouldn't keep the line always hot, it would depend on the exact configuration and where the return on the recirc was located.
  4. nhmaster

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    I've seen a tempering valve mounted under the vanity and then a long flex line to the bidet.
  5. jadnashua

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    You'd still have a long squirt of water that had cooled off in the hose even if it is connected like that. The only consolation would be if you waited long enough, it should get warm. In my house, without recirculation and that fairly small draw, that would be maybe two-three minutes! Maybe 10-seconds to empty that line depending on flow rate if hot was available at the inlet.
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    I imagine that I'd rather use 60 grit sandpaper than use a bidet that shot winter time cold water...:eek:
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