Measuring electrical useage

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    There is no such thing as "cold" anyway. Cold is only used to talk about a lack of heat, but it is all relative anyway. Water at 40F is smoking hot compared to the temperature of liquid N2. :)
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    That is funny, but may be true.

    I burn wood for the pleasure of Smell and Looks.
    I guess that is something us Old Farts do.
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    This is why plumbing codes contain a section called "Definitions"
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    When I was a kid, I used to make fires to entertain myself. Catch a kid doing that now, and he's going to detention.
    I can make a fire out of almost nothing. It's a pretty good laugh to watch a show like Survivor and see how incapable the contestants are about making a fire to boil water. I thought that was stuff you learned as a kid.

    Our Summer place heated with a wood stove, and we had wood everywhere and hatchets and axes and brush clearing axes. We also had a large wood pile at home, with an axe handy if we wanted to split wood. I don't remember my parents caring if I was splitting wood in first grade. I just had to be home by dinner time.

    My spell checker doesn't recognize the word axe. Is it such a strange concept now, that the people that write computer programs haven't used the word before?

    Rounding up wood to split scavenged from the lake in the 60's
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