LOW END ---DELTA FAUCETS--- now sold at LOWES.....

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  1. I have always been sold on DELTA faucets....
    but today I got a rude ---bitter suprise.....

    I usually tell my customers to go to LOWES
    to get the DELTA faucets that they like and I
    will install them ....

    I went to install a Delta Water fall type kitchen faucet
    that they bought for about 92 bucks with handles....

    told them that this was a pretty good deal untill I
    installed the faucet and it leaked like a sive outof the
    hot side.........

    I took the faucet apart thinking I would simply have
    to clean out and change maybe the washer and perhaps the standard stem that had been commiing with it for
    45 years..... Noooooooope

    For everyones information.......

    It turns out that Delta - is now having their hardware
    store line of faucets for LOWES made in Tiawan
    ...and the parts are now some low end gasket or cartridge that comes apart when you pull the stem out of the faucet....and is nearly impossible to put back together...

    i dont know if LOWES even sell the repair parts for this piece of junk, I was so pissed off.....

    after fighting this piece of junk for about 30 minutes,
    I threw in the towell...

    I had to go to my supply house and get a REAL DELTA faucet two handle high spout faucet for my price of 130.00
    with handles....
    to get me and the customer out of troubles....

    the one I bought was the old trustworthy style,
    but it cost 40 bucks more...

    The delta faucets you buy from LOWES are now the crappiest junk you can get your hands on.......

    the quality is now probably worse than Kohler, Price fister, and american standard.

    I plan on getting with someone at Delta to complain
    about "selling their souls " to compete in the hardware stores...

    Be Warned....
  2. Gary Swart

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    Thanks for the heads up!:)
  3. Terry

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    Some brands have two numbers for each faucet style.

    The plumbers number, they tend to have more metal in them.
    And the big box number, which like you mention, could have lighter weight materials in them.

    Years ago, to compete with the big box, I carried a few "like" models.
    Going back to do other repairs, I would notice that the bargain faucets were already needing work.
    I quit installing those years ago.
    If I can't pound nails with it, I don't want to install it.

    In my home, someone before me had installed a fancy looking Costco faucet, what junk that was.

    My son installed a 10 year Costco disposer for a customer the other day that had mail ordered it. Plastic parts all over. He tried to warn them, that much plastic is not a good thing.
  4. This is the start of a downfall of one of the better faucets on the market.

    All driven by people wanting the cheapest price for everything they buy.
  5. hj

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    Don't forget, the would not, and could not, buy them if the manufacturers did not make them in the first place. You do not miss what you don't have.
  6. I thought Delta addressed that problem by selling Peerless? That and a few other knock-off brands that are produced by the Masco Corporation.

    What they are doing is using the brand name since it has such a well known reputation and sliding the change under the carpet thinking the homeowner won't know.....but the plumber's will.

    I've got no complaints on the new shower valves they make; it does change the cartridge though and they've made it where the temp adjustment now does not come off the assembly......but if I have trouble moving/adjusting that clip......I can imagine what customers will encounter. The all brass body though corrects a problem where the consumer is unaware of the two wrench support to remove the bonnet nut.

    I can gauge a percentage of my income though to that situation; I average 2 to 3 a month and the only way they break is when untrained hands try to work on them. I cannot blame Delta for that.
  7. the Delta reps

    I talked to a Delta Rep today for the mid-west
    and he was not aware of how badly the peerless end of the
    Masco corporation had destroyed the quality of their

    I asked him how I was supposed to get the

    new crappy reapir parts for these dogs they are now

    selling out of LOWES and he said if they were not

    available at LOWES, (which they are not)

    I would have to call an 800 number and have the parts shipped to me when I had problems,,

    I exclaimed that that was not good enough an answer
    especially on a Satruday afternoon at someones house
    trying to fix some of this low end junk.....

    So now I got to stock these stems and repair kits to get
    myself out of troubles down the road someday....

    I told this fellow that Delta had

    totally , completely , (messed up, words replace by Teryr)...

    and when it gets around about the poor quality of
    this line of faucet, that claims to be DELTA,

    its gonna hurt the name in general....

    and plumbers like me will avoid recommending
    them to customers to buy at hardware stores...

    he seemed concerned, and said he would send it up the

    ladder to see what the people in charge were thinking...

    and would get back to me

    but hey who am I anyway??? just one plumber....

    Now, they want to kiss the hardware stores butts
    and sell directly to the homewoners.......
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    Mark, if it comes to that, I think that I would explain what's happened and suggest that your Delta from your supplier would be just fine. You might eat this one but now you are for warned for the next guy.

    Don't you think that if the customer buys his own items and if they are defective that he needs to make the trip back and you just charge time and material?
  9. Spaceman Spiff

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    I had a client building a new 106 room hotel and they wanted to get their own fixtures, so I told them to go to the local plumbing house. They went to big orange for their cheapo-moen. I INSISTED they go to the local plumbing house. After 1 hour they got real Moen, a better product, happier plumbers, and saved $10,000 to boot. After a $10,000 heaver wallet, and words of woe about cheapo-moen still ringing in their ears they are very happy.

    I can just see 106 shower diverters all going out in the same month...
  10. cheap faucest can cause very hard feelings.....

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