Leaky Grohe Shower - Help!

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    Recently moved into house with Grohe shower. Problem is a constant drip coming from thermometer end of fitment (see pic) which is getting worse. I have removed the cap and also the black part beneath it (see pic). Problem seems to be water in end of brass section (3rd pic) coming out through tiny hole in black piece. The hole is clearly supposed to be there but not sure why. Tempted to block it up and see if that solves problem.

    Has anyone any idea what I need to do to stop the drip? Really need to fix it as it managing to splash water over large area of shower tray and beginning to get mouldy now :eek: . Have had a look at the Grohe website but none of the manuals there are any help.

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  2. Terry

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    More than likely, you will need some help from Grohe on this.
    They have a contact number on their web site. They also have parts.

    Very good pictures. You can save them some time and just have them look up the pictures here.
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    If you don't have the installation/maintenance documentation, they can send it to you in a pdf file...I did that for a similar version (same series, but has the divertor and tub filler). Depending on the age, the newer stuff has a lifetime warranty against leaks, etc. Call them, or they seem fairly quick to respond to an e-mail.
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    What you have is a "Old Style" Auto 1000 Thermostatic shower mixer.
    Sorry i can't think of the number i'm not at work and Monday is a holiday for us here in Ontario Canada.
    It's funny because the Auto 1000 is not usually sold in the US but mainly Europe and Canada, that's why it's not on their web site.
    You can get a new thermostatic cartridge which should solve the problem but since you bought the house with it already installed you are not the original owner and the warranty does not apply to you.
    They may give you another but i wouldn't mention you didn't buy it.
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    The only Glasgow I know of is in Scotland.;)
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    I didn't mention Glasgow but that's funny that's where my family is from.
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