Kitchen sink plumbing - OK solution??

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  1. Jonkej

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    Hi all,

    First time poster. I had to get a little creative with plumbing the kitchen sink after replacing the counter-top and sink this weekend. A picture of my solution is below. Is there anything I should be concerned about with this set-up? The sinks and dishwasher appear to drain fine. Any code infractions here?

    The height/location of the waste pipe to the wall is horrible (1950's house, has 1 1/2 inch copper waste-pipe through the wall and behind the cabinents - the waste pipe is high and also is situated directly below the left sink). I do not want to move the waste-pipe. I did not re-install the garbage disposal because the outlet would be 1-2" lower than the wastepipe.

    Without a disposal, I had to drain the dishwasher straight to the drain pipe. I wanted it to drain above the p-trap so I put in a 4-way connector and used a dishwasher connection at the top (which is capped).

    I know there is quite a bit of water that will sit in the pipe between the wastepipe and the 4-way connector. Is this an issue?

    Thank you all for any advice.

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  2. Terry

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    Remove the p-trap and get rid of the 90 bend pushing it down.
    The trap arm comes straight out from the wall, not pointed down with a 90 bend.

  3. Jonkej

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    Raise the p-trap to the bottom of the 4-way connector and try to get a horizontal run out of the trap to the waste pipe? The waste pipe opening is at a bad angle - I added the two 90's in order to line it up correctly ( pivot the joints). Maybe I can get lucky and it will line up right. Thanks for the advice - will take a closer look tonight!
  4. hj

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    You have an ingenious system installed by someone with a lot of fittings and time on his hands. The way the DW is connected there is no "air gap" to prevent back siphonae into the dishwasher.
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