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    I'm building a new home in a rural community. I have ordered three Totos (2 ultimates and 1 ultramax). I suspect that the plumber may never have installed Totos before. Is there anything special that needs to be considered or will it be obvious to an otherwise experienced plumber? Any info appreciated.
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  2. Bud1300

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    Toto have been around in the states for some years now they are a good choice for me but the G-max Toto is very loud. They install just the same as American Standard or Kohler with a flange, bolts, wax ring and supply.
  3. jadnashua

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    Personally, I don't think they are loud at all. Try a pressure assisted toilet if you want loud...
  4. Mikey

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    PA loud? You bet!

    We had a lady visitor one day who went to powder her nose in our guest bath, which features a PA toilet. We heard a flush and an immediate scream and a crash. Apparently she was one of those types that flushes before standing up, was afraid she was going to be sucked in or something, and in her haste to get away from the devil machine, got her shorts snagged and fell. Fortunately she wasn't hurt, and had a much better sense of humor than I would have credited her with. SInce then we caution newcomers about our "nuclear toilet".

    Thinking about replacing it with a Toto Aquia, which will undoubtedly require a briefing as well.
  5. alternety

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    I was told that the Toto's needed to have bolt holes drilled into the floor. This is an important issue because I have on floor with undocumented radiant heat tubes in it.
  6. Terry

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    That is only true for the few models that use either the Unifit, or for the Aquia.

    Everything else that Toto makes, will just drop onto the toilet flange.
    I don't think your plumber will find an easier toilet to install.
    The Toto Ultramax is made in the US and is a great replacement toilet for US homes.
    To install an Ultramax or an Ultimate, you would want on hand,

    Standard closet bolts
    Two wax rings
    12" braided supply tube.
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  7. Mikey

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    What holes need to be drilled for the Aquia?


    (dashing off to the Toto Website)

    Update: I called Toto and they e-mailed me the Owner's Manual and Installation Manual for the Aquia (they're not downloadable from the Website directly). I see why some plumbers might be leery about it, but I don't see any reason to reject it out of hand.
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    :D :D Toooooooo funny !!!! Thanks for the good laugh !!!
  9. Sanctuary

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    Any experienced plumber should be able to intall a Toto toilet with no problems, however there are a couple of things to note about them.
    #1 Because of the "G-Max" design, which gives it those excellant flushing charateristics, there can not be any baseboard heat placed behind the toilet. Traditional American toilets have a large curvature in the trapway; G-Max toilets, and now the American copies that are cropping up, do not. Hopefully this will not affect you, putting baseboard behind a toilet is not a good idea anyway.
    #2 Some Toto 1 piece toilets use a boot for the hook up to the toilet flange. The best description comes from Toto themselves; "A UniFit rough-in comes in 10â€, 12†and 14†rough-in sizes. It replaces the lower half of a toilets’ trapway, and easily mounts to the flooring." Although its not hard to install, it is just different and since the toilets you listed are of the 1 piece variety I thought I'd mention it. The reason the do this is "Finding a stylish, high performance toilet with a 10†or 14" rough-in had been difficult and expensive until TOTO introduced our skirted toilets with UniFit rough-in’s.Odd-sized toilets can typically cost 60% or more than a standard 12†model. With UniFit Rough-in’s, installation is simple as you have no mis-alignment, no faulty seal, and no collapsing wax ring. Skirted toilets are also great because they have a larger footprint, which help to cover up floor imperfections from the previous toilet.
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