How to determine model of 2-year-old Toto one-pice toilet?

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by jch, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. jch

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    My brother has a 2- to 3-year old Toto one-piece toilet that isn't flushing very well. I just bought a one-piece Toto Ultramax that works great. I'm trying to tell whether there's a problem with his or whether it's just an older model with a different flush technology.

    Unfortunately, he can't remember the model name of his Toto.

    How can we identify which model he has? Can you tell by the color of the components in the tank??

  2. jadnashua

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    need to go by shape....if you remember what it looks like, you can probably figure it out by surfing the toto website.
  3. jch

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    The problem is that the Ultimate and the Ultramax look the same (at least to me) but (I believe) they use two different flushing mechanisms.

    Does anyone know how to tell them apart??

  4. Terry

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    Pull the tank lid and look for a number starting with "CST"

    I had one customer, who paid their flooring contractor to install hers, and when I pulled the toilet, I found that the wax was blocking part of the drain.

    I reinstalled it correctly and she thought it was a big improvement.

    The Ultramax has the red flapper, and the Ultimate the blue.
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  5. jch

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    Thanks Terry -- I'll have him check.

    I still seem to remember you saying something about red/blue for one type of flusher or blue/blue for another...?

    Or am I dreaming that? :)

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