Homelite 20" Cordless Electric Mower

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    I was looking to replace a battery on a Homelite 20" cordless lawn mower and found that the Homelite web site support didn't show any details on the batter replacement. So Sue pulled out a phillips screwdrive and pulled the cowling off and found two batteries wired together. It isn't a single 24 volt battery, but two 12 volt batteries wired up together.


    Homelite 24 Volt Cordless Electric Mower


    The Homelite mower with the cover off.


    That's two 12 Volt batteries. 12 Volt, 17 Amps



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    I use very similar batteries to power the UPS for my computers.

    It is not uncommon to use 2-12V batteries for 24V equipment- many of our military vehicles are set up that way.
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    My blog post on the subject of cordless electric moers

    As I state in the post linked to below, in-use replaceable battery pack is a prime concern for any average homeowner. Rechargeable batteries, specifically SLA types hate 2 things; short cycling and over-charging. These are facts acquired via 35 years working as a biomedical engineering tech in the local VA Hospital and 10 years of happily owning and exclusively using a cordless electric mower. Most of those years leading up to my Nov 2009 retirement I was working with an ever increasing number of rechargeable battery powered medical devices, most of which used SLA(sealed Lead Acid) batteries such as the Homelite mower you show. Suffice it to say I will NEVER go back to combustion powered lawncare equipment unless I inherit a multi-acre estate sometime in my remaining years from God knows whom. There are other related posts about cordless and other electric yard equipment as well as other lawn and gardening subjects on my blog you may wish to read. That includes one pleading for mower and power equipment makers to market a cordless electric 14-18" snowblower. http://willyvon1-willyswill.blogspot.com/2013/05/cordless-electric-mowers-whats-up.html
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    For some of these kinds of applications you can go to Battery Warehouse or similar place and they can often find something off the shelf or put something together for you.

    I have a cordless string trimmer and needed to replace the batteries and they had them in stock at a local battery shop.

    They even fixed my cordless Norelco razor batteries.

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