Help Please! How can I install a washing machine drain line?

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    First a confession, I am handy at some things but I don't have much plumbing experience besides the occasional toilet and sink type stuff.

    My problem
    We just bought a house and the washer and dryer were relocated by the previous owners from the basement to a pantry in the kitchen. We would like to replace them back into the basement.

    The basement has water lines for the hoses but does not have a place for the drain hose. There is some piping next to the washing machine where it would seem the likely place to tap into for a drain line. There is also a stub ~8ft off the ground (in picture 3) that looks like i could tap into to install piping for the drain pipe but I am unsure that the water will get up the hose.

    Any instruction on what I need to do to install the plumbing for a drain pipe is greatly appreciated. Apologies for the crappy photos but I haven't been able to find my camera so had to take them with a phone.

    Thanks so much for all of your help.

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    First, you need to determine if both of those lines are waste lines, or if one is a vent.

    If both are waste lines, you will need to cut in a tee off the 3", and then vent between the stack and the p-trap. The p-trap will have a standpipe above it.
    If you can't find a vent to connect to, you will have to use an AAV as the vent.

    The top of the standpipe can be about 40" off the floor.
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