happy holidays to all

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  1. Wishing you all a great thanksgiving and a Merry X-mas

    enjoy the holiday season....


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  2. Cal

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    Northern Virginia
    The same HAPPY THANKSGIVING back at ya !!!

    Debating on turning my phone off today ,,,,,,,, as most of us , Have spent TOO MANY hoildays away from the family stuck under someones kitchen sink with the snake smacking me in the face !

  3. Enjoy the feast today. I did work for the trombone player of the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra and sent me home with a bottle of red wine as I was told it goes well with turkey. He's from Romania and I was able to install a reverse osmosis system for him yesterday, putting in one of the largest whole house filters (canister type) I've ever seen next week.

    This is becoming very common for people to install these filters because the chlorine levels are so high...the guy made a point of saying that the skin of a human body is the largest organ and in EU and other parts of the world they don't even put chlorine in the water. ??? He bought all of these items off the internet and so far they look to be of good quality. One of the items is missing parts though. :(

    We're not eating till 7 so I either take up the bottle of wine today or anxiously await emergency service calls while waiting for the day to pass.
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  4. water heater today for me

    I just had to go out and install a brad white
    50 gal gas this moning for $950....jsut down the street

    wife was a little peeved being left with the kids...

    left at 945 home at 12.30

    its all good

    is anyone able to open that link????

    try it again , I changed the format......

    ho ho ho
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  5. Terry

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    Bothell, Washington
    The plumbing can wait until Friday, Today is family day, I will be hanging with my brother and sisters, and our kids.
    I'm not sure who all is going, I'm guessing somewhere in the 35 to 50 range. It kinda depends on where some of the kids have to be.

    I'm very thankfull for the last year. It's been good.
    Take Care.


    Final count, 38
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  6. sumppumppimp

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    Good thought Mark!:cool: Happy Holidays to every one!:D
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