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    We recently moved into a new to us home. The home is 5 years old. We have had Dish satellite tv installed. In the master bedroom the installers had to use a baluns via Cat 5 wire to get the signal to the tv. Now if we turn the light switch or switch for the fan on or off the satellite signal on the tv goes off for approximately 2 seconds then returns. Same thing happens when a small fridge in the master bedroom cycles off. I thought at first it was the tv turning off and back on but I played a movie via dvd player and could not replicate the problem. Any ideas? While not horrible it is kind of annoying.
  2. jadnashua

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    If I were to guess, and it is a guess, you have a loose shield connection on one or more of the connectors in the cable run. This allows noise into the cable which could disrupt the signal. Also note that there is an amplifier at the dish, and it gets power via the cable through the center connector and the shield...both connections must be tight and be making good contact, or the amp looses power, and the signal gets lost. I'd call the installers back, but first, I'd check all of the nuts on the cables to see if they're tight.
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    Switch to Direct TV and the problem will go away
  4. DonL

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    Direct and Dish suck the same amount of vacuum.

    Most Cat 5 is not shielded.

    Most Direct TV and Dishnet installers are one in the same.

    Some have Magnetic signs they change on their trucks. Direct is no better than Dish.

    Have them come back and install shielded twisted pair, or run shielded coax if it is a true video feed.

    Normally Cat 5 is only used for a connection to your Internet router so that you can stream video, instead of getting it thru the dish when it is raining and no signal is available. Or dish on demand and pay per view.

    It is also used to track what you watch and PPV authorization if you have no phone line connected.

    It sounds like they may have ran unshielded Cat 5 wire parallel with your ac lines.

    I recommend getting a UHF off air antenna and save a bunch of money.

    With 500 channels and nothing worth watching on cable or a dish, it is not worth the money that you pay, Unless you watch it 24/7, and can not miss a few seconds of the video.
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    Sounds like a momentary voltage drop is effecting the cat5 baluns. Those are powered right?Do the lights flicker when the fridge cycles on? Its either that or RF interference when the lights or appliance turn on.I have never been a fan of the video over cat5 Its not as reliable as you would hope.Why couldnt a proper coax and a receiver be put in?yr old house and no coax to every room.
  6. hj

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    quote; recommend getting a UHF off air antenna and save a bunch of money.

    I suppose one reason NOT to do it would be like my situation because I have a thing called a "MOUNTAIN" between my house and the TV towers.
  7. DonL

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    When you live in Gods county you don't need any stinking TV anyway.
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