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    Poulsbo WA
    I will be calling in pro help but wanted to understand a bit more of the issue prior to doing so.

    I have removed old vinyl from slab. (House built in 77) in preparation for tiling.

    Upon removing toilet which is original to house it appears to me the flange is decayed.

    I'm mostly curious what the options might be. I'm not opposed to spending a few bucks up front to solve issues later.

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  2. Terry

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    What you have is ABS wth a metal flange that holds the closet bolts.
    Just pick up a repair ring for the bolts.

    Wood floor or concrete?
    Wood will take wood screws and Concrete will need to be rotohammered in anchors.

    MTMIKE New Member

    Poulsbo WA
    Its a concrete floor.

    I am a bit concerned its not quite level though.

    Thanks for the answer!
  4. jadnashua

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    Ideally, a toilet flange is installed on top of the finished floor. But, in a slab, it's often more work than benefit to raise it up when switching to a thicker floor (in this case tile). A slight deviation from level isn't a big deal. What you'll probably need after adding the repair ring is two wax rings. Terry likes to use one with a funnel and one without. The one with the funnel helps to hold the second one in place and goes on top. As long as the toilet sits flat and doesn't rock on the new finished floor (may take some shims!) and you get some squish when you set the toilet on the wax, once it is bolted in place and you add some caulk around the front 3/4's of the toilet on the tile, it's not going to go anywhere or leak.
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