Cbeyond phone service problems

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    Never heard of them.
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    You have now learned a valuable lesson in life, young man. I Google'd the company just to make sure it was as I thought. VOIP. Voice over internet protocol. Lots of companies out there pushing it. Seems to have endless attributes and amazingly low cost. Yeah, when it works. The vast majority of people never stop to think that the calls go over the internet. You know, the internet, where anything is liable to happen at any time in "The Cloud". There is a site that has a very active VOIP forum where the members love to say, "VOIP, better than stuffy old wired public phone system". The forum is also loaded with the people from the VOIP companies. They seem to be oblivious to the fact that there are untold thousands of people posting on that very forum with endless VOIP problems. In conclusion, if you want to spend a lot of time screwing around getting it to work as an individual, go for it. A bad business decision though. Sorry, Mr Love.
  4. DonL

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    A lot of ISPs block ports on VOIP service, Unless you buy VOIP or REAL phone service from your internet provider.

    You can set up a VPN and use Tunneling to get around a lot of it, But that breaks the agreement and small print in your ISP contract.

    I hope that phone number is only used to play with, Because VOIP for reliable phone service is a joke to me.
  5. wjcandee

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    We have been using the cable system's phone service for more than a decade, residential and business. We also use their Internet service. Time Warner in NYC and Optimum on LI. It has been completely trouble-free, and the 100mps Internet connection that I get for like $50/month is amazing. I know that it might have been cheaper to use something like Oooma or any other VOIP service since I have fast Internet, but the advantage of using the cable company's voice service is that its digital packets get routed differently than the general internet traffic through its system; the cable company's modem uses a separate channel for voice. So we don't get any of those weird sounds that some of my friends do with voip.

    I don't know how good Comcast's service is out there or how expensive it is, but both here in the Northeast, and a while back in Georgia, the cable company offering was suprisingly good, and surprisingly-affordable. The only issue I had was with inside wiring, which as I mentioned in another post I took care of by finding a private guy to do it. Hope this helps.
  6. DonL

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    Comcast is good around here if you can get it.

    Cable Modem is way better than DSL, But Terry must not have DSL or he would have a REAL phone line connection.

    I am in the country and have to rely on wireless internet. Works good if the sun is shinning.

    I do have 2 copper pairs, for 2 phone lines, but DSL is not available, Nor is cable. It sucks but I Love the County air.

    I pay $40 a month to have a reliable phone line, And that is way to much, I think. But in a hurricane the phone works when the power is out.

    Telecommunications equipment is expensive for a provider to update and maintain, But for the most part, the providers just watch the electronics work, while sucking money out of you wallet. (Well Auto draft now a days)

    Cans on a string still work good. They make some nice bigger Cans now a days. You can use the large V8 and Stew cans to make WI-FI antenna's and use your neighbors internet connection.

    Have Fun.
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