Can one toilet carrier hold back to back wall hung toilets

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  1. Chaosherder

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    I have two bathrooms next to each other and the toilets are mounted in the same location in each bathroom. We have measured and the toilets are in exactly the same spot, back to back. One is a mid-70s American Standard and the other is a newer (1990?) Kohler. I have to replace the old AS. We have had surprises with the plumbing in this house. So before we open the wall we'd like to have some clues. Three questions:
    1- AS told me that given the age of the carrier, that we should replace it. Has that been your experience?
    2- is there any chance that both of the toilets are mounted on the same carrier? If so, could the Kohler have been mounted on the original AS carrier?
    3- if there are two carriers in the wall, do you have any idea if there will be enough room to install a tank system carrier to replace the AS carrier?
    Really appreciate your help.
  2. hj

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    1. Carriers do NOT wear out.
    2. It is MOST likely they are both on the same carrier. IF they are back to back it would be impossible to install two carriers unless the wall is about 18" thick.
    3. There are only "carriers", so it was NOT an American Standard carrier. It was a carrier with an American Standard toilet mounted on it. Whether an inwall tank would fit above it would depend on how it is made and you would have to open the wall to determine that, although it will probably fit.
  3. Terry

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    In some older homes I see wall hung toilets with the four bolt pattern. I grew up in a home that had two of these.
    Replacing with a new American Standard Glenwall is on choice. You bolt them onto the existing carrier.

    If your's is back to back, the only way to install an in-wall carrier/tank system, will be to cut out the existing back to back fitting, and reroute the vent in the wall. This is going to cost somebody big time.
    The simple solution is to go with the existing hardware and just replace the toilet.

    In-Wall-System with tank
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  4. Chaosherder

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    Houston, TX USA
    Thanks so much to you both. I have talked to three plumbers and to people in stores and this is the most consistent and coherent info I have gotten! I did not want to put in a Glenwall, but I guess that is the best option. I am anal about understanding something before contracting folks because of some bad experiences with people making stuff up, telling me BS and then I have to deal with the mess. Can you tell me where I might find some photos or schematic of a back to back fitting for these toilets? Or what technical words to use so I can do search. I have tried to find info, but everything I find has cast iron fittings.
    By the way, it is the old four bolt.
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