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  1. shellymck

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    I am not sure if this is the place to ask and I will be contacting some local contractors recommended to me eventually, however, I am looking at buying a one bathroom home with the plan of adding an additional full bathroom and did not know if it was rude to contact anyone prior to even choosing the home?

    I have no idea how much it costs to add a bathroom and have absolutely no experience with additions

    I would appreciate anything anyone can add in advice here about what to look for in a home that needs an additional bathroom.

    Also, I am in Sth Eastern Wisconsin (originally from Sthrn CA) and wondering what general price range an addition inside a home my be, and I mean very general, as I have no in, is it roughly $10k? or is it more like $40k?, with the understanding that fancy fixtures/tile etc makes everything go up exponentially and would not be included in the guessed range.

    I am just looking for something to help me plan just to get the thing in there at all

  2. Inside the structure, probably 20-30

    Outside the building structure as an addition, 40-70
  3. shellymck

    shellymck New Member


    that helps a lot, thank you :)
  4. hj

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    Adding the room can be the least expensive part, if the existing building would require extensive modification to make it accessible.
  5. jadnashua

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    Much of the potential cost is whether you have good access to the supply, drain, and vent lines. If this has a basement, and there is open access to the ceiling, that helps in running pipes. The more you have to tear up to get access, the more it costs. Tiled, vs prefab shower has a large variation, as does the materials chosen. Even a tiled floor can be problematic as not every floor is designed with the needed deflection ratings for tile, let alone a stone tile if you wanted that. Another factor is how much, if any, of the work are you willing and capable of doing. The bank may let you build the cost into the house mortgage, as you may be cash short after closing - that way, it would be paid for (but for 30-years interest addition).
  6. jimbo

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    Pretty hard to say much, sight unseen. As mentioned by others, accessibility to water and drain lines, for example in a basement, and how far away and complicated that tie in will be...are major factors. I could throw out a wild number that the rough plumbing could be $2500 to $10K. Once a plumber looks at it, he could narrow that number down. Then you have the structural issues...i.e. are you taking out any wall, adding windows, etc.
  7. AZ Contractor

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    Roof lines are some of the trickiest parts to any add on. That's also going to have a big impact on how much the addition costs.
  8. Lakee911

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  9. Bill Arden

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    FYI: If you have a private sewer system (like me) you will need to have it inspected in order to get a permit.

    You most likely won't have to expand it since required capacity is based on the number of bedrooms and not the number of bathrooms.

    Bathrooms can be added for a lot less.
    I've heard DYI bathrooms for less than 1,000

    Some things you can do.
    1. Find someone to help you learn.
    2. Use used materials and items. Check in your area.
    Note: You can't use high water use toilets in new installs, but everything else is good.
    3. The more you know, the better you can oversee the work.
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  10. Terry

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    Bothell, Washington
    Asking contractors to come in and give a quote to determine if you want to buy, does waste a lot of time.
    Most of the time, those people never buy after hearing the cost,
    those that can afford it, just buy the home, and find a contractor after taking possession.

    This is a good way of getting some information.

    The big steps in changing the current layout to add a bathroom include,
    Framing, moving walls, framing doorway.
    Plumbing rough-in, includes connecting to existing pipes in home, and venting through roof.
    Electrical, switch at door, outlet(s), fan, lighting, moving existing wiring,
    Drywall, hang board, texture, paint
    Plumbing, set tub or shower, toilet, lav and faucet
    Door and moldings
    Door knob,
    Cabinets, counter top
    Paint outside around window
  11. hj

    hj Moderator & Master Plumber Staff Member

    Cave Creek, Arizona

    I've heard DYI bathrooms for less than 1,000

    You are kidding, right? Unless you mean 1,000 ten, or twenty, dollar bills.
  12. Bill Arden

    Bill Arden Computer Programmer

    MN, USA
    That does not include the value of the time that the person spends doing the work.

    The key is having the knowledge to do the job and having good luck at getting good used items.

    I saw a bathroom sink and vanity on freecyle awhile ago.
    And as the name implys It's free

    Of course there is also the motto "you get what you pay for"

    So, yes you can do it for less than $1000 in materials... So as long as you are ok with a old toilet and a used sink that does not match.
  13. why would you want old faucet tub or toilet???

    if you can install a bathroom for under 1000, go for it...

    used fixtures are great for the old fishing cabin up in the
    north woods , but for someplace you plan on living with your wife and just dont make sense to
    install someones throw away junk....
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