Best Commercial Toilet???

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  1. sorpreso

    sorpreso New Member

    Hi. we are opening a small cafe: Seating for 40. I want to install a toilet that is ADA compliant that will do its job and not back-up. I'm willing to spend $$$ now to avoid problems. Will appreciate any suggestions! Thank you.
  2. ELJER handicapped toilet

    I have had the best luck with the ELJER in public

    they work very well...

    never have to use a plunger
  3. sorpreso

    sorpreso New Member

    Any particular model?
  4. avocats

    avocats New Member

    Toto Ultramax ADA height

    superb performance
  5. Either toilet is great....

    The main reason I like the ELJER for Public
    restrooms is you can just about buy 3 Eljers
    for what one TOTO will cost you....

    The TOTO is great , but in a public situation where
    anything can crack, break, or get vandalized,,ect ect
    that can get costly ,,

    and basically its for the public anyway...

    I would go with the cheaper Eljer,
    it roars out and works about as good..
    and you can adapt the flush mechanism to use more
    water for each flush if you so wish.

    I have one customer out there that is very pleased with 5 of
    them that I put in 4 years ago......they had nothing but troubles with
    the GERBERS.

    Also with the ELjer over the TOTO
    and you wont cry as much if one comes up broken..
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  6. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Bothell, Washington
    Most of my commercial customers value time over initial cost of product.
    How many times do you pay someone to work on the things when they are plugged.
    I have quite a few with resturants that comment on the savings they are getting by using the good quality TOTO.
    In the church I go to, we have TOTO Ultramax and TOTO Drake.

    There are a few that I sell the Gerber Ultraflush pressure assist to, but the repairs on those take a bit more.
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  7. Mike50

    Mike50 DIY Senior Member

    Southern California
    FWIW--There are 2 pricey/high end plumbing showrooms in the Palm Springs area.

    They both have TOTO in their customer restrooms.

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