Bathroom question, fan/light combo above the tub

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  1. TrevorO

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    I am remodeling my bathroom and I am adding a fan/light combo above the tub. The manual says this has to be gfci protected.

    There is also a vanity light and gfci receptacle that is running on the old 15a circuit with the switch that controlled BOTH of these in the hallway. I would like to keep the vanity light only on this circuit. Here's my plan and let me know if I'm wrong or could do something differently

    1. Run new 20amp circuit for the gfci receptacle
    2. Keep vanity light on the old 15amp circuit.
    3 Run new 15amp circuit to gfci dead front then to switch for fan/light then to the fan/light

  2. jadnashua

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    New England
    Unless the fan/light also has heat, or uses high-wattage heat lamps, you can tap off the new 20A GFCI circuit, no need for a second new, dedicated circuit.

    I might consider putting the vanity lights on the GFCI circuit as well.
  3. TrevorO

    TrevorO New Member

    Thanks. There is no heat for this one. The fan/light is rated 1.2amps and 125watts
  4. jar546

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    1) Run a new 20A circuit to the existing receptacle in the bathroom and install a new 20A tamper resistant GFCI that is rated for use in damp locations.
    2) Leave the vanity on the old circuit
    3) Use the load side of the GFCI receptacle to feed the new switches for the new fan/light assembly.
    4) Pull a permit and get the job inspected
  5. Terry

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    Bothell, Washington
    My preference is to "not" have a fan over the shower.
    It puts the noise of the fan right near your ears.
    I've always put the fan outside the shower and centered to the room.
    If there is a toilet near the shower, I center it on the toilet, which gives excellent light at that location and still floods plenty of light over the shower door and into the shower enclosure.
    It also means you can change light bulbs, and fan motors without being in the shower stall.
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