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  1. gsici

    gsici New Member

    I am tapping into my main indoor drain for a basement toilet. And I could use to banded clamps, however my preference would be to use a regular coupler on one side and a rubber on the other but getting the gap to zero is vituallly impossible. How big a gap is allowed when using a 4" banded clamp?
  2. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Bothell, Washington
    You normally add 1/4" for the band.

    If the fitting is 9-3/4", you cut out 10"
  3. gsici

    gsici New Member

    Terry Sorry I am a newbie.
    Not sure I follow. I have a 4x4x3 Wye fitting going into this gap and I would like to glue one side in and align the other side as close as possible to the pipe using a clamp, however during my dry fit I cannot get one side in to glue without at least a 1/2 '' gap. Is this too big?
  4. Mad Plumber

    Mad Plumber Mad Skills

    I don't think you can glue one side and make it work.
    When I"m cutting in a wye, or any fitting for that matter, into a "fixed in place" line, I use two couplings.
  5. hj

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    Unless one side or the other is able to be flexed out of the way, there is no way you will install your Y by gluing one side and then a conventional band on the other.
  6. gsici

    gsici New Member

    Thx I will do two clamps, However here is a twist. I am reducing from a 4"PVC to a 3"ABS at the WYE and I am less comfortable (after the numerous threads on this forum) about using transition glue. Would a third clamp be okay?
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