Anti-scald for free-standing tub supplies

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    I need an ASSE 1070 compliant mixing valve at point of use for a free-standing slipper tub supply (3/4" supply lines btw). What products are recommended? The supplies are to be floor-mounted; how have you handled access for the valve in this scenario (I am thinking about building a box above the floor onto which the free-standing supplies can mount and within which would be the valve... other ideas?)

    What is most cost-effective way to meet the requirements (see below)... perhaps a ASSE 1016 valve is less expensive, though seemingly more advanced?

    Seattle/King Country Director's Ruling:

    Does this work?
    we have 3/4" supply lines running... will it hurt much to reduce to 1/2" at the valve and then 1/2" supply from there or does that remove the benefit of the 3/4" dedicated supply lines? OR is there a 3/4" version of this valve or similar? (Again, this is not to protect from thermal shock, just scalding so Seattle / King County only requires ASSE 1070 but ASSE 1016 options would work as well--was assuming ASSE 1070 would be cheaper, but maybe not if too uncommon)

    Here is an old thread I tried to resurrect but I didn't see it in the Forum so reposting here.
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    If your water heater is set to 120 with a tempering valve or tankless, you're fine as far as I know.
    I like the tempering valves in the home, because it measures incoming hot and blends it down with cold.

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