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  1. recently got a call from a friend to come help him. He can be a meticulous handyman and remodeler; he can also cut the investing and just finish up according to whatever standards prevail. In the phone call he said, "floor heat and tile, all new plumbing."

    The dilemma: how high to go, in terms of standards.

    What I saw reminded me of a bad thread in the making. Similar to "screwed up the bathroom reno"
    where venting was going to be provided only starting below the Wye in the stack.

    The client had bought all materials. FiberCement boards and a tub of mastic. "How to remove this glue?" "Ceramics and Durock" no membrane (walls, floor) in a shower
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    [personal comment removed]

    What is your point here?
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    The only thing that matters is his job, not references to previous queries.
  4. poll: am i or am i not obsessed with talking about other people?

    Stand by while I rework 10 meg worth of pictures. It turns out it may take a lot of time to crop, resize, resample, whatever. "The story will unfold all in good time, little one."

    And if my very next post doesn't contain photos, give me a break. I am showing a dilemma that we all face, very often. Work with me.

    Now, if I talk about MY involvement in this project, will that make me too obsessed with myself, according to leejosepho's assessment? No matter what I do...

    When leejosepho has a thought, does that mean his thoughts are appropriate content? I think this guy is off-base. Big time. He wants to slug it out with me in public. Can someone delete his post and this one too? Moderators' discretion. Maybe it is worth it, to leave this for the record.

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    Not to wade into what sounds like an argument between old adversaries, where I can't even tell what the issues are... but I'm not too clear on what the original post of this thread is trying to ask/say, either.

    What was the question?
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    Please pardon my earlier comment. I had missed your stated dilemma.

    I presently have a similar situation where a very-ill (leukemia) man needs help to complete a retaining wall project he had already started along the small river behind his house. If I do what he wants me to do, it will not last long at all and he wants it done so his wife will not have to deal with it after he is gone.
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    Give this friend of yours this information.
    Seek help at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

    I have the cousin to leukemia and still kicking, making trouble and plan on doing so for a long, long time. I never used there services but would if I had to. Pass this along too. Tell him to talk to his oncologist about Rituxan. It put mine into remission! It is taking a different route when the standard chemo agents are not working. Side effects were minimal... really. Just that 3rd damn eye. Better than what I could had grown a 3rd of... ;) :D

    I also recommend Sloan General in NY. I used them and they are really good. They actually diagnosed me correctly. lol.


    If you think alot of mistakes are made in the plumbing field---maybe so, but the medical field makes much more.
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    Thank you, Cookie. I will pass that information along ... and now I had better move along before we get accused of hijacking this thread, eh?!
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    I hope this helps that person you know. Do make sure you mention it to him. He might be running out of time.

    Me? Cause trouble? ;) :D never.
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