30s Vintage Shower Head Problem

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    Good Afternoon,

    I recently rented a home built in the 1930's, which inexplicably contains the original shower head. I believe this head is missing some parts, because taking showers in there is akin to standing in front of a fire-hose. :)

    I'll try to describe what I've got - I've also drawn a rudimentary diagram and attached it. The pipe coming out of the wall has a ball formed into the end. There's also a threaded compression sleeve that goes over the ball, and screws onto the current shower head.

    The home is plaster & lat, so I'm fairly certain that I don't want to mess with the stem coming out of the wall. It might unscrew, but the pipes are quite old, and replacing it would likely create a HUGE problem. I'd rather have some kind of adapter for the threaded compression sleeve that converts it down to a regular sized shower head. Does anything like this exist? If so, where might I obtain one?

    Any guidance you guys can provide would be tremendously appreciated. :)


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    You are better off replacing the shower arm with the standard 1/2" threaded on both sides style.
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