230 Volt?

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    I'm reviewing plans for new restaurant and on the Mechanical plans the Make-Up Air unit is rated at 230 volts and the equipment schedule on the Electrical plans is calling for 208 volts.

    There is no mention of a transformer or booster. Is this going to be a problem that needs to be addressed by the engineer?

    What happens if there's a voltage drop of 1%?

    208v -1% drop = 205.92 volts

    What happens if there's a voltage drop of 3%?

    208v - 3% = 201.76 volts

    or even 5% = 197.6?
  2. Yes and No depending on the nameplate on that equment if the nameplate say 230-208 volts and also pretty good percentage of them will list the min and max operating voltage range.

    also i dont know why if the Mech plans spec'ed on 230 volts and the Elec plans spec'ed on 208 i am thinking somewhere along the line there is a " commuation " or "information " mixed up or not getting right information.

    if this is on new condustucion it should be seen that right away when whoever is responable with the prints

    I will let some of the HVAC and Electrician crews chime in here as well i think they will tell you very simuair what i am saying with this and they can add few more info along the way.

    Merci, Marc
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    Is there 3-phase power here?
  4. hj

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    Is there 3-phase power here?
    I've never seen a 208/120 system that was not 3 phase. Most units will operate with a 10% voltage disparity, but a dedicated 208 unit would be better.
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    You need to have equipment which is also rated at 230/208. It's the motors that matter. Many motors are in fact listed at 230/208. If it is listed as just 230, I don't think you can run it on 208, but check with the company. Equipment which is dual rated, will either have just one hookup, and the specs will be dual rated, with lower BTU,CFM, whatever, at 208. Or, it will have different taps for the two voltages, and currents will be higher at 208.

  6. Sure you will see the 208/120 volt in single phase as well that will be feed off from the 3Ø network this is common to find in large area like condo , megsized resdentail area, commercal area

    but just wait until the OP comeback in here and comfermed the question but i am pretty much sure it is 3Ø system there

    Merci , Marc
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