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    I own an older home with a lot (ten) of bathrooms. Most have older toilets which we would keep if we didn't have constant problems with internal leaks. No local plumbers want to be bothered figuring them out. All our roughs are 14" and I have not seen a toilet in this size that would look good. It is a very traditional old colonial. I remember seeing some kind of adapter on This Old House to convert to a 12" rough without opening ceilings, floors, etc.

    If there is such a gadget, what is it and is there any downside. I mentioned it to my plumber but he was concerned about it damaging the lead pipe/flange??

    Any responses greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  3. Glen

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    Thank you for the link. Unforunately, my supply pipe, which was just moved is about 6 inches off center of the flange. The Toto needs 8 inches. The wall was just reinstalled on two bathrooms so the thought of removing it again to move the water supply is problematic.
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    If you really have a lead bend, and not a cast iron or plastic one, then nothing "This Old House", or any other TV DIY'er program talks about will refer to your situation. They do not do lead bends.
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    When you say "internal leaks" is there something wrong with the china? If it is the inside guts of the tank I'm surprised a local plumber can't track down some original parts and rebuild them. There must be a name somewhere inside the tank or lid!
  6. Glen

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    The porcelain is fine, the leaks are internal, like the toilet never really shuts off. Each one is a little different inside and in my area at least (long island) plumbers are busy enough not to have to deal with old toilets. The prevailing attitude here seems to be rip it out and replace it.
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    Most of the Unifit Toto will work with a supply that is 7" to the left of center, center to center.


    Dahl also makes a replacement shutoff that moves it off center.
    model 33-2386-A and 33-2386-S
    If you can't find the Dahl, then you can pull the stop and solder a 90 el on and move the stop that way.
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