10-3/4" rough-in

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    I'm interested in replacing the 30's era elevated tank toilet in my basement with something that uses a lot less water and flushes better.

    The distance from the wall to the closet flange bolts is 10-3/4" and I've read the responses to people with 11" rough-ins that some Drakes will fit in there with a bit of room to spare since it's designed with 1-1/8" tolerance behind the tank. It's actually a smidge bigger than 10-3/4" maybe up to 10-7/8", but I think that would be pushing it, so I'm interested in other ideas.

    When I look at internet sites that sell Toto toilets I see that the only ones that have unifit rough-ins are elongated (which isn't great for my small space) and they also have between 3/4" to >1" gap behind the tank to the wall. Add that to the extra 3/4" that I will have since my flange is 10-3/4" and I will end up with a gap that might be pretty close to 2" which makes my already tight space that much tighter with the combo of elongated toilet and big space behind it. The same seems to apply to the Cadet 3 from the American Standard site. The only one they list with the 10" rough-in is the elongated one. Plus I'd like to stick with a Toto so I'm not faced with buyers remorse.

    Does anyone have ideas for how to fit the 10-3/4" inch rough-in without a huge gap behind it and sticking way out into the room?
  2. Terry

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    If the house is so old that you have a wall mount tank, I'm guessing you have a 4" drain.
    You can pull the bolts over and make it work.
    Sometimes if the flange is notched, I put down a repair flange that lets me move the bolts.

    The Drake works at 10-7/8"
    If you pull the bolts forward, you can get 10-3/4"

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    Out of curiousity, are the TOTO unifit toilets made such that you can do any rough-in you choose in the range the toilet allows, or is it 'stepped' such that you choose between 10, 12 and 14 inches?
  4. Terry

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    Bothell, Washington
    They are stepped.
    Caroma makes some with an adapter that swivels between 10" and 12"
    I found that out the hard way.

    Most toilets go in 2" increments.

    The Niagara does have one that sets the bowl on the flange, and the bowl has slots that allow the tank to slide forward or backward.
  5. jadnashua

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    Note with the Toto unifit adapters, they are different parts. It comes with one for 12", if you need a different size, you must buy either the 10 or 14" one; you get to throw away the 12" one.
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