1/2" Water Line 1/2" Water Line Split 12" long

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    I live in WV and last month we had a real cold spell for a few days where even with water running we had a line split under our mobile home. It was a line going to an outside spigot. Being on private land and retired in a wheelchair, my wife heard the water leaking as she was walking up the ramp along side the home after doing some shopping. We called He brother and her came over the next morning and shut off the valve that fed the water to that line.

    He said that water was spewing out of that line that was a 1/2" Line Split 12" to 14" long.

    I Knew I would have a high water bill as I figured it had to have been running about 3 days, but when I got my bill I almost had my 4th heart attack!! Our normal
    water usage for wife and I was the min. charge of 1800 gal. $18.50. This bill was for 88,500 Gal / $417.85. There is no way I could have leaked that much. Thats enough to fill a couple of pools.

    I have asked to have the meter checked and am still waiting. Even though its winter here there is no pooling or wet areas between house and meter.

    Question I have is how long would it take under nornal preasure to expel that much water??

    Thanks for any help!
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    Quick math says 5-7 days. If your subsoil is largely sand, you might never see it.

    I wish we could get water that inexpensively.
  3. egm1947

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    Its hard mountain rock!!
  4. hj

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    quote; 88,500 Gal / $417.85. There is no way I could have leaked that much. Thats enough to fill a couple of pools.

    Actually, about 4 pools, but, why not? You don't know how long it was leaking, but it was running 24/7. If the meter did NOT give you bills other than the minimum, up till now, why would it suddenly ?break" at the same time the pipe did, and meters, because they are a geared device, usually record LESS than is being used if the flow exceeds their capacity or the mechanism wears.
  5. Terry

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    You might as well have cut the line with a split like that. Figger an open 1/2" line outputting for days.

    My younger brother for his 50th, took two hoses and ran them into my mothers waterfall. The pump had failed, so he took two garden hoses and made the water fall work that way. It was his "birthday" weekend and was having a party there on Sunday.
    I showed up for the party, and being the party wrecker that I am, pulled the hoses and turned off the water.
    My mothers water bill came in at "over" $2,000
    And that was for a weekend of waterfalls. It sounds like you caught your leak pretty quickly.
  6. nhmaster3015

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    If the home is piped with cpvc, that may not be the only leak. Crawl under the home and look for big sags in the underbelly.
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