1/2 to3/4 bath remodel

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    I want to add a shower stall to 1/2 bath. The 'full bath' bath tub is directly on the other side of wall. The washer/dryer is currently in the 1/2 bath, but changing to stackables would eliminate the need for plumbing and electrical changes to move them. In the 1/2 bath there is a dryer vent and floor to ceiling bumpout, which I guess hides pipes. Can I add a small shower, maybe the half oval, to the existing plumbing from the bathtub?
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    Each fixture needs it's own vent, so you have to look at the current layout to see what they are doing, and then determine how you would make the changes. The shower will need a 2" trap.

    When people ask me, "Can it be done?"

    The answer is,

    "It can always be done. Some things just take more time and money than others."
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