Winchester furnace(York) blower fan wiring for fan only

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    Hello I have a york furnace 1996 model. control board blew about 2006, replaced with newer version. Old board had heat park and park terminals I dont think it even had cool terminals. This is a heat only furnace as in no cooling so blower motor black wire is connected to heat terminal. This new board has heat/hicool/locool terminals. I have window a/c units so I thought I would use the fan only option on my honeywell programmable thermostat to circulate air. No go. Ended up being since the blower is only hooked up to heat, the blower didnt come on. Switch the black blower motor wire to hi cool and it comes on. question is, can I just tie hi cool and heat terminals together so I will have blower action when I need heat this winter and be able to just have fan only? Ok I just hooked black to hi cool and blue to heat. Hoping thats correct. What is the proper wiring method. numbers on control board are 879598 1162-202 1538 model of furnace pbkm-ld14n100c.
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    You can only do what you want if you have a two speed fan motor. The control board is very generic designed for both heat and air condition systems. In heat mode the fan on a furnace is designed to run at a slower speed than with AC. For cooling the fan runs at the higher speed. (Hi cool). The fan motor may have a bundle of wires not connected to anything. Look at the electrical diagram if there is one.

    Place fan wires as where they where. Place the thermostat in heat mode and adjust the set temperature to 65 degrees. At the thermostat change the fan to "on". If the fan runs you are good to go. I use the "circulate" all the time but it runs the fan 35 minutes per hour, not 100% of the time on the Honeywell thermostats.

    Do note that in heat mode, the furnace fan is generally controlled by the controller card. The fan "on" setting at the thermostat overrides the fan control at the control card.
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