Norton Antivirus shuts off if not renewed

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I recently closed my computer business because it was interfering with my plumbing business. (For introductory purposes.)

The first thing I would like to say about Norton Antivirus is that I think that Peter Norton and his company deserve some respect. That said, I haven't used their products in a number of years.

People would bring computers to the shop that would start, run for about a minute, then shut down for no reason. They were messed up pretty badly. You had to be quick: it was a Norton Antivirus file that was shutting them down - an expired antivirus subscription. If you could get to the Control Panel and remove NAV quickly enough, the problem was fixed.

So it isn't just a matter that it would stop working, but it could also stop the computer from working.

And Norton had the bad form to keep messing things up after you removed the anti-virus because it left behind the Live Update program that would slow the computer to a crawl.

Thanks to competition and complaints, Symantec products are pretty much completely removed when uninstalled now, and they've seen the light and are selling the antivirus for a reduced price.

But there's still free. AVG free is a great antivirus and that's been mine for a long time. If you feel guilty using a free anti-virus, well, by all means, use the paid version.

BTW - the free version is not for business use.


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Norton also was, maybe still is, a huge PIA when installing some programs (Cad and Energy Calc programs in my experience).

I think Norton was good back in the day when AOL was good.
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